Elite Pro Performance

Personalized Instruction

Private Training

By utilizing the skilled expertise of a personal trainer, clients can expect customized wellness programs that help them to achieve their personal health and fitness goals. As leading instructors in our industry, it is our job to challenge and educate clients on what it takes to reach specific physical and mental targets in order to achieve a greater personal goal. Through regular sessions with a trainer that focus on:

  • Incorporating balance
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Other core principles across the body’s three planes of motion

Clients learn how to increase motivation, endurance and strength while remaining motivated and increasing energy.

Athletic Training

Proper athletic development begins with evaluation and assessment. The assessment period allows the trainer to identify the client’s areas of strength and see where improvement may be needed. Only after a full assessment has been made can the client and trainer begin to work together to build a proper foundation for future athletic development. An accurate evaluation of the client’s skill also demonstrates to the trainer areas that may be compromised through lack of flexibility, mobility, strength or endurance, pointing out components that need to be addressed first, before full body training can begin without risk of injury. We empower our athletes through education and train them with a primary focus on injury prevention. This allows the client to remain active and therefore always improving, resulting in increased motivation, leading to future successes.