Elite Pro Performance

Continued Education

Fundamentals are the most important part of any game; everything you do, everything you achieve can be traced to the way you approach the fundamentals and how you apply them to your abilities.

These are the building blocks and principles that make everything work:

Rapid Response
Elite Pro Performance’s program is designed to get the athletes body ready for game by incorporating the ball with sport specific movements.

Rapid movement or action, most sports require speed and the ability to start and stop effectively.

Ball Handling
The ability to control the ball and dribble, this is a skill that can be directly improved at any age or skill level.

The ability to hold a proper position is directly related to an athlete’s performance, injury prevention and stability.

The ability to perform certain movement patterns, these can range from offense to defense, lateral footwork.

The capacity to perform a certain movement efficiently, strength is a major factor on positioning and the ability to compete on certain levels.

Injury Prevention
Most young athletes require the education on how to avoid and decrease injuries through proper warm up and other training tools.

Form Shooting
The shot is a simple movement that can be broken down into three steps, taught effectively through repetition and precise adjustments.

Movement with out Ball
Most of the game is played without the ball, whether it is offense or defense the ability to move with a purpose is an important part of any sport.

Take Home Drills
The learning doesn’t stop here; if you don’t back up performance and hard work, training doesn’t mean a thing.